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Jesus Pacheco, Sept 18 2013

Jesus Pacheco, the most creative designer, who create the balance between spirituality, consciousness and high en Interior and Landscape Design
Jesus Pacheco Miami Spiritual and Conscious Interior and Landscape Design

One of the biggest uncertainties in life is understanding what our mission is, why we are here... deep down we know being successful or making money is not what moves us, it is understanding why we are here and if it goes beyond just survival.

Today I am going to give you a formula that I hope will be useful to you and can shed a lot of light on the subject.

To all the people who feel or felt the need to help, to volunteer or who in their soul feel that they want to collaborate with the construction of a better world. These souls are on mission, that is, they incarnated in this incarnation*, pardon the redundancy, to be at the service of a specific area and collaborate with a particular point.

Because we remember that there are souls that come just to enjoy, to gather information through experience or simply to be. But specifically those of us who feel that we should do “something more” are those who came with a specific mission.

And now what is the specific mission?

Well, this mission is strictly linked to our Dharma, which are the tools that we brought into this life to share. That is, our talents... but this society is structured to minimize and ridicule our talents.

Today I tell you, every gift you have, every thing that comes easy to you, everything that since you were a child you enjoyed too much, when you got lost in some subject or in some activity and you lost track of time... that's it... that's it the way.

If, for example, you feel that your thing was to assemble and disassemble, that you feel an irrational need in you to understand how things, systems or mechanisms worked, that's it, that's the answer.

If, as in my case, contact with nature, aesthetics, spaces, ways of living also fascinated you, but in addition to that you felt the need to help, to do something more... the answer is, that's it, that It is the channel, that is the path that my soul and probably yours chose to serve and collaborate with the construction of a more loving, balanced and conscious world.

So I tell you, connect with those talents, without minimizing them, without ridiculing them... whatever it may be, they are all important and necessary... whether it is talking, dancing, listening, assembling, disasse

mbling, walking or whatever. Everything always boils down to basic things, simple talents that come naturally to you, that don't cost you any effort.

And the problem is that we believe that we must struggle, that it must be difficult... those beliefs are not real,

they are programs that only distract us from our path, limit us and do not allow us to be and be.

Everything is made to be easy, fluid and natural. If it's difficult for you, it's because that path is not for you. And that is where you must s

eriously question yourself... is the path I am walking really mine? It's what I want? Do I really feel it in me? Or I'm just moving forward automatically, without even questioning every step I take.

Where am I walking from? From lack? From the longing for acceptance? Of belonging? Or from the service? From consciousness? And from Love?

These questions allow us to stop and question everything, but above all they allow us to understand who we are and why we came. It is like a path full of weeds, of elements that carelessly grew and obstructed it. But if we stop and recognize our path by connecting with our intuition, the one that knows everything, it is there that we will begin to connect with our essence and the certainty of the soul will give us the peace, the confidence and the tools that we need and that will allow us to move forward. . step by step, branch by branch, breath by breath return to who we are, understand why we came, work our karmas and share our Dharma from balance and Love.

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