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Born in Uchumayo, Arequipa, Peru. The landscaper and interior designer Jesus Pacheco, 30, started his career at the age of 18, working on a TV show specialized in design, architecture and construction in his hometown.

After this exciting start, he moved to Lima where he worked in Casacor Peru with the well-known Argentinian architect Silvia Radice.

Understanding the opportunity presented right after this experience, Jesus founded three companies related to  interior, decoration and furniture design. These exciting enterprises merged, giving birth to “Jesus Pacheco Studio” in Lima.

That allowed Jesus to “début” in Casacor Peru 2012 as a solo professional, at the same time that he began teaching postgraduate courses in the Universidad de Ciencias y Artes de America Latina Ucal and Isur. At the same time Jesus worked in the most important specialized shows in the peruvian TV.

With the knowledge acquired, Jesus moved and developed projects in Brazil, Israel and United States, simultaneously with Peru, where he kept his studio active.

Jesus participated in Casacor Miami 2018, writed the book "The art of landscaping, yesterday and today", now hes tv host in Telemundo. He continues to give design and ladscaping conferences and leading his Studio in wich he develops conscious and conceptual projects all over the world.







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